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Have you ever been amazed by the quickness of a soccer goalkeeper as they make an incredible save? Have you watched, breathless, as they lunge to block a shot headed straight for the upper 90?

If so, then it's time we talk about Reusch goalkeeper gloves.

The right pair can transform an average goalie into a wall that even Messi would struggle to breach. And with Reusch's line-up of advanced designs - from their Attrakt Freegel Fusion Goaliator offering top-notch grip and durability to the Pure Contact SpeedBump featuring cutting-edge technologies – there is always something new and exciting on offer.

This post is your one-stop guide through this vast collection. Whether you're sizing up your first pair or seeking tips on maintaining your trusted pair, buckle in for an insightful ride.

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Understanding the Different Reusch Goalkeeper Glove Models

The variety of Reusch goalkeeper glove models is truly impressive, each tailored to specific needs and playing conditions. A number of these gloves boast impressive, modern characteristics and technologies.

Attrakt Freegel Fusion: This model uses an advanced grip technology called Attrakt Freegel that offers goalkeepers a perfect balance between grip and durability. The fusion foam used in these gloves ensures optimum ball control even under challenging weather conditions.

Pure Contact Gold X AdaptiveFlex: Designed for precision handling, this glove model comes with flexible finger spines offering increased protection without compromising on mobility. These are part of the Pure Contact series renowned for its lightweight construction and exceptional ball feel.

The range also includes specialized models like the Fusion Ortho-Tec, known for its patented finger protection system, or the GK23 collection, which combines style with performance thanks to eye-catching designs such as Venomous Gold or Desert Bloom.

Features and Technologies in Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves

The design of Reusch goalkeeper gloves is all about providing the perfect blend of protection (e.g.; finger support), comfort, grip, and durability. These three aspects are key to a goalkeeper's performance on the field.

GORE-TEX INFINIUM technology stands at the forefront of these designs. This windproof feature ensures that even on cold days, your hands stay warm and responsive. No need for additional base layers under your gloves; this technology does it all.

But what makes Reusch truly unique is their commitment to innovation beyond weather protection. The Attrakt grip evolution finger support system found in models like Attrakt Freegel Fusion or Pure Contact Speedbump gives goalkeepers an edge by increasing control over ball handling with its superior grip mechanism.

GORE-TEX INFINIUM Technology in Action

The innovative GORE-TEX INFINIUM technology not only keeps you warm but also provides breathability when things heat up on the pitch. Its impressive ability to regulate temperature without sacrificing mobility has made it a go-to choice for many professional keepers. Read more about this game-changing tech here.

In addition, if stickiness equals confidence for you as a goalie, then look no further than their adhesive print options available across several glove styles including Attrakt Gold X Glueprint Ortho Tec model. Check out these high-grip choices now.

Choosing the Right Size of Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves

When it comes to ensuring optimal performance on the pitch, comfort is essential. That's why choosing the right size for your Reusch goalkeeper gloves is so crucial.

Your gloves should fit snugly but not too tightly. If they're too loose, you won't have a good grip; if they're too tight, they could restrict movement and cause discomfort.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

To find your perfect fit, measure around the widest part of your palm excluding your thumb - this will give you an accurate measurement in inches which corresponds with glove sizes.

The number can be cross-referenced with any standard goalie gloves size chart like this one provided by Reusch. Always remember that every brand has slightly different sizing standards though.

Paying Attention to Glove Cut Styles

Different styles or cuts may also affect how a glove fits. For instance, flat cut (or traditional cut) tends to be looser compared to negative or roll finger cuts which offer more contact area between hand and ball.

A classic example would be comparing 'Attrakt Freegel Fusion', designed for maximum surface area usage versus something more streamlined like 'Pure Contact Speedbump' - both from Reusch's fantastic range. Remembering these nuances while making choices can really enhance performance.

Care and Maintenance of Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves

Your Reusch goalkeeper gloves need some TLC to keep them in top shape. Proper care extends their life, ensuring they'll serve you well on the field.

The first step is cleaning. After a game or practice, it's essential to remove dirt from your goalie gloves. Use lukewarm water and gently scrub away any grime with a soft brush or sponge.

Glove Care Essentials: Drying and Storage

Drying your gloves correctly is just as important as cleaning them. Avoid direct sunlight or heat sources like radiators which can cause damage. Instead, let them air dry naturally at room temperature.

Store your gloves in a cool area, away from direct sunlight when they are completely dry. Here is more about glove storage from Reusch themselves.

Taking Special Care with Reusch Attrakt Freegel Fusion Goliator Models

If you're using high-end models like the Attrakt Freegel Fusion Goliator, special attention is needed due to its advanced grip technology. When these types are cleaned properly and stored appropriately they perform optimally for longer periods making every save count.

Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves for Different Sports and Activities

When it comes to goalkeeper gloves, Reusch is a brand that transcends boundaries. Reusch provides top-notch protection and performance for an array of sports, from soccer to skiing.

Diverse Range of Reusch Goalie Gloves

Moving onto more traditional turf-based sports such as soccer; you'll find goalie gloves designed specifically keeping goalkeepers' needs in mind. From junior sizes up through professional levels - everyone can find a perfect fit. For instance, the popular Attrakt Freegel Fusion glove offers superior control thanks largely due its unique Freegel silicone application which maximizes grip even under challenging conditions.

Check it out. No matter what sport you engage in - if there's a need for hand protection involved, then chances are good that there's a pair of Reusch keeper’s mitts waiting just right around the corner.

Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves for Different User Groups

One of the key strengths of Reusch lies in their ability to cater to different user groups. Whether you're a professional goalkeeper guarding your net at an elite level, or a young aspiring goalie starting out on local club fields, there's something for everyone.

Reusch goalkeeper gloves, known widely for their superior grip and comfort, come in men's and kids' sizes. This includes models like the Attrakt Fusion Ortho-Tec designed with enhanced finger protection, perfect for keepers who demand more from their gear.

If you're part of the junior league looking to make big saves just like adult pros do, then consider checking out Reusch goalkeeper gloves for juniors. They are not merely scaled-down versions but are crafted keeping in mind the specific needs and demands of younger hands.

The offerings aren't limited only to goalkeepers though. Field players too can find reliable products such as field player gloves that offer exceptional feel and control during those cold winter games.

FAQs in Relation to Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves

Which keepers use Reusch?

Famous keepers like Samir Handanovic, Alisson Becker, and Rui Patricio trust their game to Reusch gloves.

What gloves does Livakovic wear?

Dominik Livaković sports the Reusch Attrakt Freegel Fusion Goalkeeper Gloves during his matches.

Where is the Reusch brand from?

The roots of the well-known sportswear brand, Reusch, trace back to Germany where it was founded in 1934.

Can you wash Reusch goalie gloves?

Absolutely. To maintain optimal grip and durability, clean your Reusch goalkeeper gloves regularly, following care instructions provided by them and using glove wash from Advantage Goalkeeping.


Stepping onto the field is a breeze...

When you have Reusch goalkeeper gloves on your side, the extensive range, unique features, and cutting-edge technologies of these gloves cater to every goalie's needs.

You've learned about their different models - from the ATTRAKT GK23 collection that fuses functionality with style to the Pure Contact series, which uses advanced technology for optimal performance.

Caring for your gloves extends their lifespan while maintaining top-notch function. And don't worry if your budget is limited. Advantage Goalkeeping designs and produces professional quality goalkeeper gloves at nearly half the cost of big-name brands.

Written by Mike Poledna

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