West Coast Goalkeeper Gloves

Ever caught a speeding soccer ball barehanded? Not the best idea, right? That's where West Coast Goalkeeper Gloves step in - or should I say, dive in. 

Imagine standing between victory and defeat with only your instincts and these gloves. You might be wondering: "What makes them so special?" I'm here to share how they turn ordinary goalkeepers into wall-like barriers. We'll delve deep into their top-selling models, why Major League Soccer players trust them implicitly, and even pit them against other leading brands.

If you're ready to upgrade your game – stick around. It’s going to be an exhilarating ride!

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West Coast Goalkeeper Gloves: A Comprehensive Overview

Born out of a need for high-quality yet affordable gloves, West Coast Goalkeeper gloves have carved their niche in the goalkeeper glove market. This brand is known to put goalkeepers first, ensuring they get the best bang for their buck. Their rise to prominence isn't accidental but rather a product of dedication and understanding the needs of amateur and professional keepers alike. West Coast GK gloves are characterized by top-notch German latex used on all models, enhancing grip and durability.

The History Behind The Brand

A love for soccer coupled with frustration over expensive goalie gear led Sean Norris, a former collegiate keeper himself, to start this company back in 2012. Since then, it's been an upward trajectory thanks to innovative designs like roll finger cuts or hybrid cuts that offer unparalleled ball control.

Gloves That Stand Out

Differentiating itself from competitors was crucial early on - hence unique features such as internal silicone, finger protection removable, various palm color, double elastic wrist, and palm style biohybrid, giving keepers more customization options than ever before. In addition to being durable due to a higher stitch count per inch compared to other brands,

All these factors combined have helped shape West Coast Goalkeeping into what it is today – a trusted partner offering superior protection without compromising performance for countless shot-stoppers across various levels of play around the globe.

Top Selling Models of West Coast Goalkeeper Gloves

The popularity of a product often speaks to its quality, and in the case of West Coast Goalkeeping, this rings true. They have a massive Let's delve into their top-selling models that have earned rave reviews from amateur to professional goalkeepers alike.

Vyper Ultimate

A hit among keepers is the Vyper Ultimate. This model features pro-level German Supreme Latex that offers exceptional grip under all weather conditions. The glove also boasts removable finger saves for customizable protection.

Kona Pure

Next up is the Kona Pure, a classic white glove loved for its durability and comfort. Its 4mm German Magnetik Pro latex gives it an excellent grip while providing a good cushioning effect on impact.

Quantum Melia

The Quantum Melia Pro Gold Rush, designed for Sporting Kansas City goalkeeper, Tim Melia, offers style and performance. The roll finger cut design ensures maximum ball contact area. The newest version of the Quantum Melia Pro also contains internal silicone and monster grip. In summary, these are just some examples of why West Coast Goalkeeper Gloves are top sellers. They offer various features tailored to different goalkeeping needs, from customizable protection and excellent grip to comfort and style. Therefore, if you want to invest in a pair of gloves or upgrade your existing ones, West Coast Goalkeeper Gloves should be on your list.

Performance Analysis of West Coast Goalkeeper Gloves

The performance of West Coast Goalkeeper Gloves has been widely praised by both amateur and professional players. But why are these gloves so highly rated?

Durability and Comfort

These gloves have a reputation for durability. They're made to last, withstanding intense training sessions and competitive matches without losing their shape or functionality.

The comfort factor is another plus point that users frequently mention. The right fit helps goalkeepers make precise saves while minimizing the risk of hand injuries.

Grip Quality

A goalkeeper glove's grip quality can mean the difference between making an amazing save or letting in a soft goal. With WCGK's proprietary German latex used on most models, many keepers find they've got a better hold on the ball compared to other brands.

User Feedback

In addition to expert opinions, user feedback also provides valuable insight into how these gloves perform in real-world situations. TrustPilot reviews, for example, consistently highlight factors like superior grip, excellent wear resistance, helpful size chart, informaand optimal comfort levels when wearing WCGK keeper gloves during play.

Note: Please note that personal experience may vary depending upon various factors such as playing conditions (wet/dry), frequency of use, etc.

MLS Goalkeepers Wearing West Coast Goalkeeper Gloves

A notable number of Major League Soccer (MLS) goalkeepers have shown a preference for West Coast Goalkeeper Gloves. Let's delve into who these professionals are and why they opt for this brand.

The Why: Reasons Behind Their Choice

So what makes these gloves a favorite among pros? The reasons vary but some common themes emerge when you listen to these athletes' feedback. They often mention superior grip as a major plus point - crucial during high-stakes matches where every save counts.

Durability is another key factor that attracts them to the brand. Even after rigorous use over an entire season, many report minimal wear and tear which speaks volumes about its quality construction.

Last but not least is comfort – vital in maintaining focus throughout those intense 90 minutes on field. A glove that fits well can make all the difference between saving or missing that decisive shot.

The Takeaway:

All said and done; if elite players trust WCGK with their careers, then there must be something exceptional about them. While each goalie may have personal preferences within different models offered by the WCGK glove series, the overall satisfaction they derive from this brand is pretty evident. That's quite a testament to their performance.

How to Choose the Right West Coast Goalkeeper Gloves

Selecting the perfect pair of goalkeeping gloves is similar to choosing your best-fit soccer boots. It's all about comfort, durability, and personal preference.

Grip and Material Quality

The grip is crucial for goalkeepers. So, look out for gloves with Supergrip latex palms used by WCGK or German Contact latex palms used by Advantage Goalkeeping, which provide excellent ball control. The quality of material also plays an essential role as it affects glove longevity. Another factor to consider is whether or not you want internal silicone grip inside your gloves.

Thumb Protection

Whether you need finger protection or not depends on your play style. If you often face hard shots, opt for gloves with built-in spines that offer additional support.

Your Playing Surface & Weather Conditions

If you're playing primarily on turf fields or in rainy conditions regularly, consider models designed specifically for these scenarios like the Turf/Weather range from WCGK.

Remember this simple rule: just like Cinderella's slipper had to be perfect; so too should be your goalkeeper gloves. Happy shopping.


How do you clean WCGK goalie gloves?

Gently wash your gloves by hand in lukewarm water and using goalkeeper glove wash. Avoid harsh detergents and never machine wash or dry them.

How do you dry WCGK gloves?

Glove care is critical with any brand of gloves. Be sure to air-dry the West Coast Gloves naturally. Keep them away from direct heat sources like radiators to avoid damaging the latex.


West Coast Goalkeeper gloves and their expansive gloves series are more than just gear - they're a game-changer. You've learned about their rich history, the craft behind each pair, and why they stand out in the market. We’ve dug into their top models, what makes them so popular, and why MLS goalkeepers swear by them. They stood tall when pitted against other leading brands because of their superior features and performance. Picking your perfect match isn't hard anymore with our practical guide on choosing the suitable gloves for you. To sum it up: these gloves make sure you’re not only prepared but also at peak performance during every game.

At Advantage Goalkeeping, we've worn nearly every glove in the business, including WCGK. We think they're great, but if you want something different, we're here for you.

Written by Mike Poledna

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