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Advantage Goalkeeping

AGK Trainer

AGK Trainer

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If you are a goalkeeper who wants to focus on developing your hands in training, this glove is for you!

The majority of the training gloves on the market today look more like gardening gloves than goalkeeper gloves. We set out to fix this with the AGK Trainer. Our training glove not only helps goalkeepers develop their hands but also looks and feels like regular goalkeeper gloves.

Benefits of the AGK Trainer 

Building Mental Toughness - Wearing the AGK Trainers during even the most basic goalkeeper training sessions will dramatically increase stress and anxiety for goalkeepers. It throws them into a mental and mindset battle zone, forcing growth and development. The consequences of poor handling technique are magnified, allowing them to utilize mistakes made during training to improve their overall mental toughness.

Physical Benefits of the AGK Trainer - Using thinner latex with less tackiness on the AGK Trainer enhances a goalkeeper's sensitivity and kinetic awareness. This means goalkeepers will know, with greater accuracy, where the ball is concerning the ideal catching position. This heightened sensory helps improve even the most accomplished goalkeeper's ability to hold onto the ball and, ultimately, make more efficient and effective saves. The AGK Trainer will improve force absorption and grip strength and increase protection from injury. The thinner latex and padding on these gloves teach goalkeepers to absorb force, thereby reducing injury risk properly. A common issue with younger keepers is the fear of the ball, and by wearing these gloves, you are exposing keepers to a worst-case scenario – not being able to secure the ball!

Glove Specifications:

  • 3mm Super Soft New Basic latex palm making this an all-weather training glove.
  • Negative cut palm with a wrap-over thumb.
  • Micro mesh backhand.
  • Latex was added to fingertips for added protection.
  • 3-D punch zone.
  • One-piece Airprene construction makes the glove lightweight and breathable.
  • Ventilated mesh gussets in-between fingers allow for cool airflow.
  • An easy elastic wrist strap entry system allows for a personalized fit.
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