Goalkeeper Gloves

  • How To Care For And Extend The Life Of Your Goalkeeping Gloves

    Goalkeeper gloves will inevitably deteriorate at a quicker rate the more they are used. For this reason, it is essential to keep your gloves in the best condition possible. If you want to get the most out of your AGK Pro goalkeeper gloves, wash them after every 2-3 training sessions and be sure to use warm water.
  • A Guide To Understanding Goalkeeper Glove Grip (aka; latex)

    The latex is the most important and also the most expensive component of a glove. This component can be as much as 30-50% of the manufacturing costs of a glove. No matter how many unique features a glove has, it all boils down to the quality of the latex, and that's why goalkeepers and parents of GKs need to know a little about the different types of latex.
  • How Long Should Goalkeeper Gloves Last?

    Goalkeeper Glove Care

    How you care for your gloves goes a long way in protecting them. For example, when, finishing a game or training, avoid throwing your gloves in your back and leaving them there until your next training session or game. Do not leave your goalkeeping gloves in really hot or really cold temperatures. Besides the fact that this is not hygienic (and plays a large part in giving gloves that foul odor they’ve become accustomed to), this is terrible for protecting your gloves latex and therefore, stickiness.