About Advantage Goalkeeping

You've trained hard to get where you are. You deserve to wear the best.

Your goal is to be the best. You train hard every single week. The last thing you want is to give up a goal because your goalkeeper gloves failed to perform. Problem is, it's hard to find affordable professional quality gloves - especially when you go through multiple pairs each season. ​

We understand how you feel. That's why we started AGK. To provide you with a professional quality glove you can trust, at a fair price.​

We know the game. We're experienced. We love producing professional quality gloves for you!

We are a father and son run, family-owned business located in St. Augustine, FL. We love the beautiful game and are passionate about goalkeeping. We are glove nerds and have worn what feels like every major brand from mid-range to high-end professional gloves. At one time we operated the fastest growing goalkeeping academy in Kansas City but once we moved to St. Augustine, FL we decided to focus exclusively on producing professional quality gloves to help top goalkeepers achieve their goal of being the best.

We welcome the opportunity to connect with you. Please feel free to call or text with any questions you might have.


Mike & Jimmy Poledna

904-506-9877 (voice/text)