Team Orders

AGK Team Orders for Goalkeeper Gloves

Are you a soccer program on a tight budget?

Advantage Goalkeeping's team orders is designed to help soccer programs and academies save money on professional match-quality goalkeeper gloves by providing discounted rates.

Taking advantage of team orders is easy.​

If looking to place a team order please check out our selection of gloves here and use the following codes when checking out:

College20 for 20% off a minimum purchase of 6 full-priced gloves

College25 for 25% off a minimum purchase of 10 full priced gloves

College30 for 30% off a minimum purchase of 12 full priced gloves

If you have any questions please reach out to owner, Isaac Lindahl, via email or call/text 904-506-9877

Half the cost of big name brands.

Running a college soccer program requires a tremendous amount of time, money, and resources. Budgets are often stretched to the max each season, covering everything from uniforms to equipment and travel.


Then there are the goalkeepers.

Not only do they need kits and boots like everyone else, but they also require gloves. The big-name brands will easily cost $100 a pair or more! What's worse, they don't last very long, and they'll need at least two pairs per season. As for your starting goalkeeper, they will need at least three pairs. So if you carry three or more goalkeepers, you could easily spend $1,000 in the fall and again in the spring.

Stop the madness!

With Advantage Goalkeeping, you get professional-quality goalkeeper gloves at nearly half the cost of the big-name brands. And don't worry, our gloves are tested and proven. They are worn at every level of college soccer from NJCAA to NCAA Div. I.