29 - NCAA Programs

348 pairs of gloves sold to 29 NCAA soccer programs across divsions I, II, III.

47 - NAIA Programs

752 pairs of gloves sold to 47 NAIA soccer programs.

38 - NJCAA Programs

608 pairs of gloves sold to 38 NJCAA soccer programs.

Hear What coaches and keepers have to say about AGK Pro gloves

  • I found the AGK Pro Shield to be something completely new and exciting. With the glove's unique design it was surprisingly comfortable and definitely has a toughness and durability that is difficult to find in most GK gloves.
  • The very first time I put on the AGK Pro Phantom I knew they had something special. This is a glove that will perform at the highest level of competition.
  • I have had the opportunity to test dozens of glove brands over the years and can confidently say AGK has produced a glove that performs at the very top. Our goalkeepers absolutely love AGK's gloves and you will too.
  • As a college goalkeeper coach and semi-pro goalkeeper, I go through a lot of gloves every year. I have found the AGK Pro gloves to be as good as the big name brands but at a price that allows me to purchase 4-5 pair each season.
  • As a professional goalkeeper, I have come to appreciate great partners like Advantage Goalkeeping who actually listen to feedback on their gloves and incorporate my ideas to help make them even better.
  • Patrick Millard - Creighton University '23
  • Anthony Stewart - Sure Hands Goalkeeping Academy
  • Tito Cevallos Jr, Assistant Coach & Goalkeeper Coach - Judson University
  • Conor Cable - Lake Erie College & Cleveland SC
  • Lou 'Sam' Misner, Kansas City Comets