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Goalkeeper Gloves Worn by Top MLS Keepers

Goalkeeper Gloves Worn by Top MLS Keepers

If you’re a goalkeeper, you’re likely a glove nerd. Like strikers, you’re not only watching your favorite number 9 but also paying attention to which boot brand and model they are wearing. For goalkeeper glove nerds, we want to know the gloves worn by top MLS keepers. So if you want to know which gloves the top MLS goalkeepers wear, read on!

Andre Blake - Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia Union is enjoying its best season, thanks to the contributions of Andre Blake. His stellar performances are due to his skill, but the gear he uses is expected to complement his excellent shot-stopping. What does Andre Blake wear? West Coast Goalkeeping designs the Phantom Fire & Ice Blake Pro gloves.

William Yarbrough – Colorado Rapids

The Colorado Rapids are undoubtedly grateful to have a keeper like Yarbrough on their side. In the 2021 season, Yarbrough made some of the most formidable offensive sides experience difficulties trying to score. It’s a marvel to watch his fantastic goalkeeping skills on display. As one of the more unique keepers, he’s rocking the Rinat Uno Alpha from Rinat Sport, a brand rarely seen in the MLS.

Jonathan Bond – LA Galaxy

LA Galaxy’s Jonathan Bond is one of the top-rated goalkeepers in the MLS, and his prowess is thanks to his admirable skills. He also has some excellent gear that is helping his consistent performance. In particular, his Adidas Predator Pro PC White Spark gloves are a unique pair with an almost alien-like design with little spikes lining up the entire backhand. This design is what Adidas calls the DEMONSKIN, designed for complete 360 control.

The snug fit on these gloves will instantly become a favorite as it reserves most of the padding to the actual palm and finger areas, leaving your wrists with natural movements. With a woven material used for its design, the snug fit gels nicely with the keeper's hands.

Sean Johnson – New York City FC

Any goalkeeper who wishes to attain some level of prowess similar to Sean Johnson should keep an eye on his gloves. Johnson seems to stick by a pair of Nike GK Vapor Grip 3, and it is the right call after we decided to take a closer look at just how efficient they are. This pair of gloves use a highly ventilated design at the back of the hand, keeping your hands in top condition throughout a match.
For closure, using this pair will keep you confident and on alert, thanks to the latex straps. The bandage design is excellent for stabilization and any personalized adjustments you want on your gloves. It fits nicely without giving you any odd seams to deal with.

Joe Willis – Nashville SC

A lightweight pair of gloves with all the comfort you could ask for, Joe Willis can be found wearing West Coast’s Quantum Exo Lockdown on game day. The gloves can be worn in all weather conditions using Pro German Ultra Supreme Latex. Supporting this design is also the finger protection imbued with the gloves, ensuring that you are not prone to any possible injuries from finger flexes. The finger and thumb saves are included with the glove but can be removed for the moments when you need a more flexible glove.

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