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How To Clean Goalkeeping Gloves

How To Care For And Extend The Life Of Your AGK Pro Gloves

How to Clean and Maintain Your Goalkeeper Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves will inevitably deteriorate at a quicker rate the more they are used. For this reason, it is essential to keep your gloves in the best condition possible. On average, an elite high school and collegiate goalkeeper will need three or more pairs of goalie gloves per season due to the continuous wear on the gloves from training sessions and games. Youth goalkeepers can often make a single pair of gloves last six months or more.

However, not all goalkeepers are the same, and the amount of wear and tear will depend on factors such as; number of training sessions and games in a given week, how well they are cared for, playing surface, and the goalkeeper’s technique. To help extend and maximize the lifespan of your goalkeeping gloves, you should follow the tips below before, during, and after each use.

Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Goalkeeper Gloves

Before Play: When receiving your Advantage Goalkeeping (AGK) gloves, be sure to carefully peel the plastic from the palms. All AGK gloves come with plastic as it protects the latex during the manufacturing process and to keep the latex from drying out. Then, wash your new gloves before using them for the first time and allow them to dry naturally (consult the washing instructions below). Washing ensures that any preservatives from the manufacturing process are removed from the latex and will activate the latex to ensure you get the maximum grip out of your gloves. If you want absolute confidence that they are ready, a second wash will do the trick.

During Play: When using your AGK goalkeeper gloves, occasionally dampen the palms of the gloves with water to get the best possible grip and durability from the latex palm. Caution, too much water on the latex will caution the gloves to temporarily reduce the grip.

After Play: After using your AGK goalkeeper gloves, make sure that you wash them immediately and leave them to dry naturally. AGK Pro goalkeeper gloves are made using lightweight materials and therefore generally dry in a day and a half. Once dry, immediately store your gloves to protect the latex from unnecessary exposure. Extend exposure to air will cause the latex to become brittle and reduce its durability and grip.

How to Wash Goalkeeper Gloves

1. If you want to get the most out of your AGK Pro goalkeeper gloves, wash them after every 2-3 training sessions and be sure to use warm water (avoid hot water!).

2. Rinse and soak the gloves in the sink and make sure that you rinse off all of the glove cleaners if you have decided to wash with a solution, as leaving a glove cleaner on gloves can potentially cause damage. If you choose to use a cleaning solution, make sure it is designed specifically for goalkeeping gloves. Do not use household cleaners as it will damage the latex.

3. The gloves should be washed by hand, using your thumbs to scrub the dirt off lightly - applying too much pressure can tear pieces of the latex. We do not recommend using a form of brush or scrubber for this reason. You may use a soft sponge.

4. To reaffirm, it is not necessary to use a glove cleaner but it will help ensure that all of the dirt is removed and make the process quicker. Ensure you follow the instructions of the solution you have purchased.

5. Leave your gloves to dry naturally. Again, Advantage Goalkeeping gloves are made with lightweight materials allowing them to dry in a day and a half.

How to Dry Your Goalkeeper Gloves

Once you have washed your goalkeeper gloves and are ready to dry them, we recommend applying pressure with a towel to your gloves to soak up excess water before leaving them to dry naturally. Do not wipe or scrub them with the towel as this may tear pieces of the latex. You can also hang them on a washing line or in the bathroom, but be careful not to leave them in direct sunlight or a humid environment.

Do not dry your gloves by using the following methods: on a radiator, in front of a fire, in a tumble dryer, using a hair dryer, using an iron, placing in direct sunlight, or by ‘wringing’ them out.

The above methods may cause a loss of natural moisture in the latex and make them dry and brittle. Be sure to follow our steps to clean your AGK Pro goalkeeper gloves to minimize your chances of unnecessary damage.

Where to Store Your Goalkeeper Gloves

If possible, store your gloves in a reasonably cool environment out of direct sunlight. Keeping your gloves in humid conditions such as you soccer bag around other damp clothing can cause mold and bacteria to grow and damage your gloves. We recommend that you leave your gloves to dry overnight before placing them in a glove bag.

Make sure that the palms of your gloves are NOT touching when left to dry. Doing so can cause your palms to stick together and can damage the latex when peeled apart.

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