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Which Gloves Do Premier League Goalkeepers Wear?

Which Gloves Do Premier League Goalkeepers Wear?

Soccer has a long history with goalkeeper gloves but it wasn’t part of soccer until the late 60s. Since the origin of soccer, the goalkeepers used to play with bare hands and with time some adapted to bandage style and left fingers naked, which is a far cry from the gloves premier league goalkeepers wear today. However, this wasn’t because goalkeepers didn’t want the gloves but because the material used to make these gloves weren’t easily available and there also was no mainstream industry for these gloves. So you may be wondering, which gloves do Premier League goalkeepers wear? Read on to find out.

Legendary keepers like Yashin have defended the goal post with bare hands. After the late 60s, the trend of soccer gloves started and today the gloves are easily accessible as well as equipped with great material and very amazing engineering designs. The goalkeeper gloves of today provide extra structure to the fingers so that bending of fingers which can result in injury or sprain can be prevented. The premium latex provides a grip that is more than what a normal hand can provide.

The powerful shots from the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo or Roberto Lewandowski can be impossible to hold onto but the padding provided by modern gloves dampens the vibration allowing goalkeepers to better control the outcome. So what gloves do the premier league goalkeepers wear? In this post, we will go through the top goalkeepers of EPL and what gloves they prefer.

David De Gea – Adidas

Spanish Goalkeeper and Manchester United legend David De Gea use Adidas’s Predator Pro gloves. Adidas Predator Pro is one of the most versatile option gloves available in the market today. He has used these gloves this season. These gloves use URG 1.0 latex, a latex that has no rival in the industry and is considered the best. Its gripping is insane, Adidas also added 3 rubber stripes on the backhand of the glove, called “Demon Skin Spines”. These come in handy when the goalkeeper punches the ball in mid-air during a corner because corner balls aren’t easy to handle so goalkeepers prefer punching them away. 

Edouard Mendy – Uhlsport HyperAct 

The Champions League’s goalkeeper of the tournament and Chelsea’s keeper Edouard Mendy prefers Uhlsport HyperAct SuperGrip gloves. He has been seen wearing these gloves quite often especially. His gloves caught attention during the final of the UCL, which Chelsea won, and throughout the tournament, Mendy’s performance was key for Chelsea. One of the key features of these gloves is that the gloves have a breathable backhand made from neoprene material, this material allows the air to enter and circulate inside the glove to keep the temperature of the hands cool.

Emiliano Martinez – Adidas

The Aston Villa keeper and one of the heroes of Argentina's national team that won Copa America 2021 – Emiliano Martines wear Adidas’s Predator 2.0. In the past, he also has used Puma gloves but since making his move from Arsenal to Aston Villa, he has been seen watching mostly Adidas gloves He has been a great goalkeeper for both Argentina and Aston Villa. He won the Copa America wearing these gloves, he conceded only 2 goals in the whole campaign and had 4 clean sheets. Predator series also have little spikes that help the keepers to punch the ball from a little distance of a few centimeters.

Alisson Becker – Nike

Nike Vapor Grip3 has been the go-to gloves for Alisson Becker. He has gone from bottom to be one of the best goalkeepers in the last few years and his gloves have also a great role in this journey. He won the UCL and the EPL while defending the goal for The Reds wearing the Nike Vapor Grip3. These gloves were made with a special latex called “Contact”. This latex provides a great grip and also the addition of internal reinforcements the “3-finger area” provides grip, comfort, and glove padding. These were made in such a way that the gloves can breathe air and prevent the heating inside. The Hook-and-loop grip is used at the end for the perfect fitting. 

Ederson – The PUMA Future Z Grip 2 

Man City’s Ederson did something unique regarding the selection of the gloves. The first choice goalkeeper of Pep Guardiola and 2 times premier league winner, Ederson has special gloves that were made inspired by him, the gloves are called The PUMA Future Z Grip 2 Ederson Goalkeeper Gloves. They are only 150 in number worldwide with three color options – White, Black, and Volt Yellow shade. 

It has a hybrid cut in it, for starters, it is a combination of different glove cuts. Here a rollfinger cut and regular cut are used. It also has a thumb wrap that helps in better gripping during aerial situations. In the past, Ederson also has worn Uhlsport Pure Alliance Supergrip + gloves.

These gloves have a dual closure system: it is a double strap that wraps around the wrist for better fitting, Rebound Zone: flexible and lightweight material on the backhand, Airpene glove body: for air circulation an Ultimate contact: additional grippy particles to enhance the grip.

The gloves play an essential role in the lives of goalkeepers and the choice of the best glove should be done with proper knowledge.

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