Wrist and Finger Tape for Goalkeepers


Protect your greatest asset - your hands! Tape up your wrists and fingers to protect them from injury. 

Self-adhesive finger and wrist tape for goalkeepers.

White, black, red, royal, yellow, and green are all in stock and available now!


Self-adhesive tape for fingers, wrists, and shin guards.


  • self-adhesive tape sticks to itself rather than the skin

  • contains no glue making it ideal for sensitive skin

  • perfect for "mapping" fingers for extra support, supporting wrists for extra strength, or holding up socks/keeping shin guards in place

5cm roll width x 4.5cm roll length.


  • White goalkeeper tape
  • Black goalkeeper tape
  • Yellow goalkeeper tape
  • Green goalkeeper tape
  • Royal goalkeeper tape
  • Red goalkeeper tape
  • Orange goalkeeper tape
  • Pink goalkeeper tape
  • Purple goalkeeper tape

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