About Our Grip

About Our Glove's Grip (Latex)

At Advantage Goalkeeping we only use the best grip (latex) available because we believe you should have 100% confidence in your gloves. The grip we use is called, Contact Latex. You might also see it called, German Contact Latex. 

Our goal is to produce the best glove possible and it starts with the grip. When other glove companies talk about making their gloves 'affordable', it often means they are selecting a lower quality grip because this is the most expensive part of manufacturing a goalkeeping glove. 

Other companies will divert your attention away from the quality of the grip by creating great designs and talk about features that are actually considered standard in the industry. Again, it's all in an effort to take your attention away from what we consider to be the most important feature, the grip.

About German Contact Latex

Dry Weather: 5/5

Wet Weather: 4/5

Durability: 4/5 

Contact is a latex that delivers pro grade grip in dry conditions while still performing very well in wet conditions, assuming you remove excess water with a towel just as you should with any glove. Contact Latex is the go to match-day latex for many professionals around the world and in top leagues including the English Premier League. 

This top-level latex is often referred to as “Supreme Latex”. 

One way to know you are purchasing a glove with premium latex is it will ALWAYS come with a thin removable plastic film over the grip. If you purchase a glove without this plastic film, regardless of who or where you purchased it, you are not getting top-level latex. Many companies will call their gloves 'pro gloves' but again, if the glove does not arrive to you with the film you are not getting the best grip possible.


  • Superior grip to all other latex types due to its tacky surface.
  • High performance in any conditions — wet, dry, turf or grass.
  • Excellent shot absorption.
  • High durability.​


    • Due to the stickier latex the gloves collect dirt and need more frequent washing.
    • It’s a top-grade latex and is therefore more expensive than other types.​

      The latexes in this category are absolutely the best available, and the category often goes by the name Contact or Supreme. This latex has the best grip in all conditions, which naturally makes it the most expensive, but also the least durable compared to other types of latex. Some latexes in this category can often be recognized by the small granulates or high grip-elements that are added to the surface for enhanced grip. This latex is perfect for pros and ambitious elite players.

      Examples of other names are: G2 Ultra Soft (Reusch), Super Grip (Uhlsport), Nova Grip (Select), Elite Grip (PUMA), EVO Zone Tech (adidas) 

      Gloves equipped with this category of latex: Reusch Serathor Supreme, adidas ACE Trans Pro, PUMA evoSPEED, evoPOWER Super 3, Uhlsport Supergrip